Monday, May 23, 2011

List of known bisque Yield House Doll kits

Over the years I have acquired what I think is a complete set of the bisque head doll kits from Yield House.

In addition to the three presidents and their wives, Romeo and Juliet and the one Little Woman there are:

Jinny Lind
Florence Nightingale
Jane Austin
Dolly Madison
Betsy Ross
Southern Belle
Indian Maiden
New England Puritan Girl
Amish Man
Amish Woman
Gainsboro's Blue Boy
Amy March
Jo March
Meg March
Beth March

There were several China head kits but they are unmarked and there are so many reproductions of China dolls I haven't collected them.

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  1. A friend just brought by the set of 4 Little Women kits, still in original packaging. Not sure that I want them, or what they are worth... interesting set though...